I got the opportunity to direct and animate 2 explainer videos. One for EllaOne explainging how the morning after pill works, and one for Hana explaining how the contraceptive pill works. I was contacted by Dirt & Glory Media after news leaked that Roe v. Wade was about to be overturned, which confirmed how important and accessible contraception needs to be. I felt extremely honoured that they would trust me with creating these videos.

The final videos break down the journey of contraceptive pills through the anatomical body, showing how pregnancy can happen and how EllaOne and Hana can prevent it.

The visuals needed to be very clear and easy to understand as we were explaining a scientific process, but it was equally important to make it look fun and approachable. It also had to be inclusive and accessible.  I used animation to make the science of the pills seem less scary. It was really amazing using my visual style to create these videos.